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Good Books for Young Adults & Young Adult Historical Fiction

Teen Hero Books specializes in introducing YA novels (Young Adult) for purchase by teen readers. If you want good books for young adults and especially historical fiction for young adults, look here first! As an author, I strive to write good teenage books and as a history buff I create adventure stories around real historical events. Good books for teenagers about people, places and events in history can spark a teen’s interest. Good teenage books are about teens in a bygone era, culture and mindset. Teens like to read about other teens and how they see the world.

Good Books for Young Adults & Young Adult Historical Fiction

Good Teenage Books: YA Novels

Great books for young adults grab a young reader’s attention and quickly draw the teen into the story. If the story is historical, otherwise boring history becomes real, alive and even fun!


What makes good books for young adults? Why is that important?

Adventure stories that grab and hold a reader

Good teenage books on history

Tales of heroic deeds of real people

Get teenagers in the habit of reading

Motivation to learn history

Promotes healthy values and attitudes

With social media’s rise, teens are reading good books for young adults less than ever before. Knowledge of history is poor. We teach history through non-fiction with often boring and lifeless text books. Why not spark interest in history with exciting, suspenseful, good teenage books of adventure. Then let curiosity drive exploring non-fiction for the factual details.

Good books for young adults, particularly historical novels can ignite a passion for learning in a teen. The really good books for teens are exciting tales of adventure. The building of moral character, values and honesty are interwoven in good teenage books. That is what I strive for in my novels.

Good Teenage Books: YA Novels

Great books for young adults don’t just pop out of thin air. Historical stories require serious research. I strive for factual recreations with a zeal for realism. Good teenage books must be exciting, inspiring and character building. Good books for young adults on history immerse young readers in different cultures to experience past choices of others and the consequences. The future is in teenage hands. Start reading good books for young adults today!

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